New Laurel Street Baptist Church

5214 Fairfield Road
Columbia SC 29203


 Celebrate Recovery - Deacon Daniel Porterfield
 Brotherhood - Deacon Providence Jenkins
 Children's Church - Sis. Pam Porter
 Christian Education - Deaconess Michelle Cureton
 Dancers of Divinity - Sis. Brandis White-Salley
 Deacons - Deacon Jasper Cureton
 Deaconess - Deaconess Doris Burton
 Education & Enrichment - Sis. Robin Hill-Davidson
 Floral & Benevolence - Deaconess Faye Golding
 Food Service - Sis. Jerri Hampton
 Healthcare - Vacant
 Media - Deacon William Golding
 Missionary - Vacant
 Music - Bro. Kevin Portee
 New Members - Deacon Thomas Irvin
 Outreach - Sis. Joyce Strickland
 Pastor's Aid - Sis. Gloria Holley
 Publicity - Sis. Cheryl Griffin
 Seniors - Sis. Betty Scott
 Sisterhood - Sis. Erin Scott
 Sports & Recreation - Deacon Chris Keasler
 Sunday School - Sis. Latoya Span
 Trustees - Deacon William Golding
 Ushers - Sis. Jerri Hampton
 Young Adult - Rev. Damion J. Brown
 Youth & Teens - Rev. Ryan Brown
 YWA - Sis. Shakera Corbett
 Safety & Security - Deacon John Creed
 Evangelism - Evangelist Judy Irvin
 Welcome - Sis. Angie Kennedy
 Ministry Improvement Council - Rev. Charles B. Jackson Jr.

Ministry Leaders

Sis. Latoya Spann
Director of Sunday School

Sis. Joyce Strickland
Outreach Ministry President

Dea. John Creed
President of Security Ministry

Bro. Aaron Green Sr.
Young Adult Ministry President

Sis. Cassandra Smith
Young Adult Ministry Vice President

Sis. Michelle Cureton
Christian Education Director
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